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The 2022 competition reflects some changes and additions from last year. Each year we try to adjust the categories to reflect the changes in the industry and to make the program more efficient. Here are the changes for 2022 and the reasons why. For the entire list of categories go to: https://chrysalis.secure-platform.com/a/page/home/categories

NEW CATEGORY:  Single Room Remodel (Excluding Kitchen, Bath and Basement). Every year there are projects that slip through the categories. Many times this is a Living Room, Bedroom, Home Office or other single room that doesn’t have another place to compete. This will hopefully provide one for many of these.

Kitchen Remodel: This year we have added two high end categories…Kitchen 150K-250K and Kitchen over 250K. This is to smooth out the price categories to make them more equally competitive. Who would have thought that there would have ever been a market for kitchen remodels over $250K? Well turns out there are plenty of them. Not for anyone I know, but for people I would probably like to know.

Bath Remodel:  Like kitchens we added two higher end categories…Bath 75-100K and Bath Over 100K. We’ve seen some baths that would put the Romans to shame, and now there is a way for them to compete in their own categories.

Whole House Remodel:  We bumped up all the price ranges to reflect what is being submitted, and to categorize them in more competitive price categories… Whole House Remodel Under 400k, 400-700K, 700K-! Million, and Over 1 Million.

Historic Renovation:  We adjusted this category to reflect two price categories for more equitable competition. Historic Renovation Under 300K and Over 300K.

Residential Interior: This has been a fast-growing category that deserves more price category options. We added two high-end options…Interior 300K-500K and Over 500K. These two categories are meant to accommodate more extensive projects and specifically provide a category for condominium and apartment remodels that don’t reflect extensive exterior remodeling.

Outdoor Living: Another increasingly popular category that deserves separate price-ranges, so we’ve broken it into Outdoor Living Under 100K and Over 100K.

Residential Specialty: One of the few categories we shrank, eliminating price ranges. The fact is that for these projects price is not as relevant in the judging. This category reflects new and interesting ideas that can be large or small, but are mainly judged on creativity, uniqueness and problem solving.